Canva Step-By-Step Social Templates

Your easy to follow guide to creating stunning social templates in Canva.

It's time to say hello to beautifully branded Canva templates!

Canva doesn't have to be overwhelming.

The Bubbly Creative team is here to give you step-by-step lessons to creating WOW-worthy social templates in Canva! In this course we'll show you how to create:

* Customer Testimonials
* Reels
* Stories & Story Highlights
* Facts and Quotes
* Branded Images

Our Canva Step-By-Step Social Templates course will give you all the tools to need to start making your small business social media shine!  

Does this sound like you?

You're posting on social media and using whatever fonts and colors catch your eye.

Canva is super overwhelming and you don't know where to get started.

Every time you go to Canva you start from scratch and don't have any go-to templates.

You can make a basic post... but it doesn't POP like you'd like it to.

Don't stress! Let's take your templates Sad to Stunning!

You have it in you... you just need a little push!

We've been using and teaching Canva for over 5 years and we're ready to share our knowledge. The tips we're sharing are what we use with our own clients. We're excited to help you make some beautiful Canva templates and have some fun along the way!

Course Curriculum

Meet Your Instructors!

Cara Chatellier

Cara Chatellier is the Founder and Creative Director of Bubbly Creative, a boutique digital and content marketing agency focused on building and executing strategies to make small businesses POP! Bubbly Creative works closely with small businesses, in a variety of industries, to find their truest brand message and thread it throughout their marketing efforts. Bubbly's primary focus is creating impactful content marketing strategies that encompass everything from social media and blogs to web content and email marketing. When she's not making small businesses POP, you can find her walking her pup Chloe, punching bags at boxing class, or spending time with friends and family.

Isabel Tomasi

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  • Canva Step-By-Step Social Templates Course
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    Your easy-to-follow course for stunning social templates in Canva (worksheet included!)

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